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2017-03-13 16:00:18 (UTC)

We make changes for a reason...

Some people stay in the same rut for years and die in the dust. Others wake up just in time to reach out there and hold on to somewhat of a future. Maybe they move away from the druggie friends...far enough to keep them away. Maybe they go back to school and earn a degree and end up with a new career....following their dreams. Sometimes we have to leave people behind. You hear that saying a lot when people are in the process of attempting to run another into the ground when they say "they think they are better than us". Well, I suppose I have heard that before myself about me. And now that I look back on it, yes, I am better than some people. I do not walk around with my nose up in the air. But I do walk away when people have showed me just who they really are. I saw a woman who lost her parents and a real good friend who all left her a lot of money and left her in charge of taking care of their estate. She snorted all that money up her nose and buying gifts for her boyfriend who was young enough to be her kid. She never took care of the estates, all the property was sold on the courthouse steps because she did not do what she promised. Seeing her do that to people who trusted her showed me that I could not. I would have never through that money around like I was a rich bitch...hell for her 200k only lasted a little over a year. And she was broke again.

Another one got married to a great guy who hardly ever did drugs. He worked every day. As soon as she moved in with him, he handed her the keys to a mustang convertible and he drove an old beater truck to work. She ended up marrying him and having a child. She also ended up getting him strung out of crack. She also screwed every one of his friends. One of them hung himself most likely from guilt. She is a whore and a user.

I have walked away from these people and many others just like them. Did I do it because I thought I was better than them? Hell no, I knew I was better. We are all better than this. None of us have to hang on to people who drag us down and others too.

We are all better than that.

We can all make something of ourselves and move on....
Start our own family, a career, a new job, or create something.....but mostly create a life you can be proud of....
and nothing so swallow that you are not too worried about losing it. Taking advantage of people because they look good or have money at the time is a cop out. We can all do better than that.

Just because someone you hang out with has means nothing. For instance. When I was 19, I had a good friend who I spent a lot of time with. Her dad owned a company with company trucks and they had fields of cows, a large house, long driveway, lots of money, she had a new car and she could put gas in it right there at home. They had a gas pump!! I thought they were so rich. Well, they were. Her parents were. She was given everything. Her dad paid to have a house built right next to his...large, name had it. Her marriage did not last long. She was a tramp. Slept with her baby sitter...he was 15. She bragged about that. She ended up getting divorced and married this other man. A man who was a junkie. Why? I have no idea.

As her dad grew older and closed his business, her parents split up. She was always asking him, her dad to help her out with the bills. She had two kids to raise. Her husband spent the money on drugs....and it was a never ending battle. Finally her dad moved in with them since he was old and was paying the bills anyway. Her husband beat her dad....spent every cent he had. The man died penniless. Now way back when I was 19, I thought this girl was so much better than me. I was wrong. I was better than her. It broke my heart to hear that she was treating her dad that way. He lived his life for his kids. He was a giving wonderful man. I was glad that I walked away from that one a long time ago.

So, tell those young ones..not to feel bad because they do not have a new car, or a rich family. All of that last for a short time. And the most important thing people really need to have is a good character. What good is it to have all that money or stuff if you are just going to allow it to vanish before your eyes. Snorting it up your nose or allowing someone to swindle you out of it.....we need to be better people than that too and for ourselves. Fuck other people. All other people do not deserve to have us around.

We can not save everyone. But we can save ourselves