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2017-03-11 07:38:13 (UTC)

Losing someone you never had

Well I made a complete idiot of myself. I posted a post here that started out ugly as it could be about someone I thought the world of. I knew them a while back. We were very close for a couple of years. I took videos of bands back then and him and his friends would go with me sometimes. I went to his place to listen to his band play. He was the most beautiful human being I had ever looked at. Back then, he was single, although that did not last long. He met this woman at the club who had the biggest most beautiful eyes and they started a family together. He always talked about starting a family. He had a son that he learned was not really his biologically, but he loved that child like he was and never even let him know he was not the real dad. When he got married and moved farther away we lost touch. I guess I was a little jealous that he got married. He and I hung out a lot.

After I wrote my post tonight, I decided to google his name. To my surprise there was a new article about him being in a wreck where he was killed. The next thing was his obituary. Lord help his family. He will be hard to get over. He was beautiful, had a great heart and treated me like he wished we had met a long time ago. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I will miss the thought of knowing I will never get to see his blue eyes...and hear him go on about his family. How lucky they were to have had him in their lives.

Please forgive me. I have learned something tonight....about being bitter.

It is not a good thing at all. We should always remember why we care about people and the good things they brought into our lives.

I am so sorry to learn this.