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2017-03-10 06:30:40 (UTC)

Not everything is lost

Mood: Tired Hopeful
Song: Your Love by Brandon Heath
Color: Deep Blue

This has been a long past 7 days...
So much has gone on things as petty as friend drama to family crises to things at church and deaths and funerals and then a suicide of a friends sister.
I wasn't particularly close to the person but i am broken hearted....
I'm broken hearted for Jade and Jay and i'm broken hearted for Charlotte for the young life that is over.
For her soul, which i'm pretty sure wasn't ready for the end of her life.

and it feels like everything has been heavy and hopeless and sad and stressful and i guess today has been the first semi good day i've had in a week and i guess it's just that a few good things happened and hopefully progress in some of the offending situations and i'm scared to death of hoping but none the less i feel hope today.

I guess as the song and the title of this entry says... Not everything is lost. there isn't complete hopelessness.
"though my innocents was taken not everything is lost"
I hope that my friends and family don't reach a point of hopelessness that they decide to end their lives, i hope they know that if they need someone that they can come to me.
And i hope that they get right with God and know for sure where they will be after they die, i hope that they know that they can be sure of whats going to happen and i hope that they know that there can be peace and hope in the knowing.
and in God himself because it's real.
life is real, death is real, heaven is real and hell is real, the body is real, and the soul is real.
It's the truth and no one can escape it.
God love you all of you, all people and it's not to late today to be brand new and to have hope and joy and to live life in such a way that you don't ever reach the point where you think you have no choice but ending it.

if you read this.... You can have that peace, and joy and happiness. Let me tell you how and why.
No matter who you are, where you are, how old you are, it doesn't matter what you've done or what you will do.
Now is the time...to live. and to be. and to know, not everything is lost.