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2017-03-09 22:01:41 (UTC)

A busy wonderful day

Well, it started off okay. I could smell the soup I had took time to put in the crock pot and the iron skillet of corn bread I made to go with it.
My coffee soon joined the aroma. It took me a while to get started this morning. Stiff, sore, felt very painful. But I managed. I took a hot shower, got dressed and ate a small bowl of that soup. It tasted horrid. I cut it off. Put a not on it telling them DO NOT EAT THIS.....
then I went on about my day. I had someone seeing the property near the speedway today. I sent that agent some information to have on hand in the event he needed it. I checked my messages and took off to pick up my new post cards and two rolls of stamps. Before I left, he was awake, so we discussed food. I picked him up some rice with chicken and steak and sweet carrots. He helped me later to get rid of the nasty soup.

So, today, I am going through my notes for addresses to send post cards too. I will be working on that later today to mail out tomorrow.
I got a call from the boss saying that the showing went well today. He appreciated me sending that information before the showing cause it made a big difference for the agent to be able to explain lease agreements and CCR's. He actually forwarded it all to the lawyer to review. Which is all a good sign that we may have this sold soon.

Still waiting on keys to speedway condo. That will be our next big deal listing over there. IN the meantime, I will be looking for listings over here using these much better post cards. I changed the wording. And used a more professional photo in stead of the one that almost looked like I was laying back in bed. I was laying back in bed. Oh well.....I fixed it. This one is much better. Hope it works.