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2017-03-09 12:38:13 (UTC)

Today is the day...

Hi there!

I had a good night of sleep and although I woke up a couple of times I slept much better. This quality of sleep is quite nice for me. Insomnia has been a constant in my life among other things I don't describe here.

Today, I am feeling the weigh of my age. Yes, I am forty. Considering my limitations I am fine and hopefully good things will turn up in the future. As I said before I don't have a lot planned in advance but certainly I have lots of hope. I am still waiting for my husband to come to Brazil so that we can be reunited again.

This morning I am just in my usual routine and being honest this housewife life doesn't really appeal to me. However, that is part of my life and I must integrate that. There are days I don't usually get annoyed with that. But today I have decided that I am going to take easy.

As part of my simple celebration, my mother, my daughter and I are popping into the bakery this afternoon to eat a nice cake and have a coffee. It is really a self-service buffet and you choose as you want but they always have a variety of cakes and pastries to taste.

My husband is fine and I was glad we chatted for a couple of times. It was a beautiful day in England. He showed me through the window of his bedroom and it was possible to see the blossoms of the trees.

By the way we had our haircuts. I also dyed my hair as I have a few white hair showing up... But being honest, I could wait to do that and live with that as it is not too much. But I like to look nice and young... ha ha ha

Hold on... I have to hang the clothes... I am back...

It is raining and it is cool. Finally, fresh air to cool down the temperature. I can't wait for the autumn.

Thinking about the weather, I have stopped walking because it was too hot and I was getting pain on my knee. I might start again soon the weather changes again... I mean, summer is gone.

My daughter has a birthday party on Saturday. She is really excited to go. I hope she doesn't get disappointed. She is so grown up. Now they are in that phase of chatting about boys. I think she is too young and I don't really think it is nice she gets into that so quickly as she is still young in my opinion.

Well, I better go back to my things. I wish good energy to all of us.