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2017-03-08 02:30:05 (UTC)

A better day

His first day sleeping in after working 12 hours went ok. I thought he would have wanted to sleep a little longer. I had stayed up myself and did not get up till about the same time he did. He told me not to worry about cooking today. But thought tomorrow I could cook and have it ready around 3pm. So, that is the plan.

When I got up this morning, I called the boss to see what was up about that speedway condo. We discussed it and another account we have together and then talked about classes and advertising. It was intense. He has signed us up for something that he will be talking to me about in the morning. So, I will need to get up a little earlier.

After talking to him, I sent my daughter a text asking her if she has the signed contracts yet since I do not have copies of them. I also mentioned in the text that it hurts me that she does not even call me...reminding her that I am her mother....not just the boss at the moment. A little later, I got a text from her saying that she tried to call, but the call would not go through. She called me on her way home from work around 6pm We talked a while. She reminded me of all she has going on with work, the girls, church and the city council and the school. So, at least she is not avoiding me. After talking, I learned her laptop is messed up. She needs to send it to a tech just to get into it. So, I told her to hold off. I have a FIX ME thing for the computer that can fix it for her. Plus I mentioned that I do have a laptop that I do not use. It is pretty new too. So, she will be stopping by this weekend if that is what I understood. When you are in business with people, having conversations can help keep things going and problems solved. She was talking about a magazine that people get over in her area weekly where they had a member of a nearby towns city council members photo on the front page where she had got arrested and she was telling me how everyone was asking about it. So, there is a buzz from that publication. This caused me to have her find out how much an add would cost to put in it for a month...asked for prices for half page and full page add? This is something I would never have known about it if we had not finally talked a while.

I felt much better after all that. I even prepared dinner for my son who is also working 12 hours a day. He came home last night to nothing and ate a couple peanut butter sandwiches. Tonight he had a plate of shrimp, founder and fries.

I feel like things are going to be picking my business this year. And in my life.

Thanks for the nice messages. I really appreciate it.

Oh yeah...I post political stuff on facebook. Some people won't depending on where they work or what type of business they are in. Not me...I post what I want. I get a lot of comments...and I have a lot of followers. I got an email today from a highschool friend who sent me a link to the video of Paris being torn apart by immigrants. It is horrible. She wanted me to post it and told me what to say. Lord have mercy.

I posted it alright....and to the non believers, I told them that I have a passport and cash. IF any of them would like to go to Paris...
Central Paris right now....I am ready. Lets go. PROVE it as truth or falsehood. No one took me up on it.