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2017-03-06 20:47:34 (UTC)

Tree Rapers

The tree rapers have been in this neighborhood for weeks. They have literally cut the top out of my neighbors Bradford look like boxwood trees. I saw two of the men walking down the back neighbors driveway, then later they pulled in a truck driving down to the back of her house. She has a magnolia in front. But no wires above it so it is safe. But she has a bunch of trees in her backyard...OMG..she is the lady if you want to call her that who moaned and groaned about my yellow bell bushes until we finally paid 1400 bucks to have them removed completely. Now, karma is in her back yard. I told my husband I hope that damn dog she has bites one of one of the others shoots it in the head. That damn dog barks non stop....I also hope they cut every damn tree in her yard back there all the way to the roots. LOL
Okay...maybe not the dog thing...just had to throw that in. She is a dog lover...not a good one or she would teach that dog not to bark every time someone walk out into their own yard. We all have large yards and there are fenced in...we have a pool....neighbor has a big deck with built in seating...spent a lot on making it that way. But none of us can go out to our entertainment areas EVER with having to listen to that dog barking nonstop. She is a very inconsiderate bitch only living in her own world. Her husband ran so fast....he let her have his truck, the house and everything...he just had to get out. SO, she walks her dogs.....she has three. No people go there. She has no friends. She pays a man to cut her grass. She is a very sad human being. And no, I will not take it back. I hope the tree rapers rape her back yard....

after seeing no yellow bells..karma is a bitch....