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2017-03-05 23:18:05 (UTC)


It was cold this morning. I still got up and took a shower. That usually warms me up. It did. I ended up turning on the air conditioning just to not sweat to death after the shower. I went for a ride too afterwards and forgot to turn it off. It was cold as ice when I returned. Bad habit. It is in the low 50's today. No air conditioner needed for normal people. I am not normal.

I picked up a Biggest Hits CD for Santana....starts out with BLACK MAGIC WOMAN....and also one of Eric Clapton...this one had all his great songs including Bell Bottom Blues. I love that song. I can play it myself. Not too hard at all. I picked up a couple pair of jeans. One kaki and they were too small. And the other was black. they fit ok. Hard to believe I am in a size 18. Sad. Very very sad.

But while there I walked several laps around that damn place. I weighed last night. Lost three. But that is not enough.
Being stressed about life. Not sure why...but I am. Maybe it is him going to work again. I hate it when he is gone at night.
Sleeping during the morning which changes my entire schedule up.

I did find a for sale by owner today. They had two signs and an information holder. I picked one up. When I got home and checked it
out. They were asking 340k for it. So, I was getting ready to send them a letter, give them a call when I learned that the property is listed with a broker already and is in MLS. No sign. Been in listed for 4 days. He is only offering buyers agent 2%. Good luck cheap scape. Most brokers would not even show it for that little bit of money. They buyers agent is the one who jumps through hoops to make things happen.
Damn..and why no fucking worthless piece of shit. Lazy....dumb ass.

Not from around here either. Mother F. STOP STEALING MY BUSINESS.....