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2017-03-05 01:44:49 (UTC)

Saturday lazy day

He went into work not really knowing what would be happening today. Apparently all it was today was orientation for this outage and schedules for the upcoming weeks. He was back home by ten this morning. Said he actually goes in on night shift on Monday night. So, we had a pretty good day.

It was cooler today and I did not really want to go anywhere. His brother actually stopped mid day. He brought us one of those lights that you use when you are camping or during power outages. I had a couple of the flashlights...that is advertised...and I gave him one of them. We all have lights now...just in case we need them. His brother did not feel well. He really needs to go back to the doctor to get some help. I honestly do not think he will last much longer. Hard to see knowing we can do nothing other than just being kind.

I thought about going out in search of business. But decided not too. Roads are crowded on Saturdays. But I did go pick up the fish today. That was a ride and guess what happened? I was looking at the miles on my car. I saw it turn to 99999 and them to 100000. OMG! MY car is sitting in the garage at 100000 miles on it. God I love that car. It has never been any trouble. NONE AT ALL...

We talked about property at the beach. He said this year....we gonna get windows and new siding on this house. No more house payments here, so we can save for a place at the beach. We can rent it out during the busy weeks...and will have it to ourselves for the rest of the year....and let the rent money pay for it. So, I contacted a realtor at the beach to set me up as a contact and start sending me emails about available property. That is what I do for my buyers. They get emails and tell me what the want to see. Anyway...hoping to have that set up this week.

I have lost 3 pounds. Have stopped the sodas for good. That is helping. Got a bottle of 100 percent beef juice. Been drinking a small glass of that each day. And the Vital RED that you add to water. I saw it on the net. Probably just cool AIDE.... can tell nothing.....