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2017-03-04 08:32:22 (UTC)

Another Weekend already

Man, it seems like just yesterday he went to pick up fish for us. I guess time goes by faster when u get older. Probably means we will be so old soon that we won't be able to do much. Hopefully not too soon. He actually goes back to work tomorrow morning...or in three hours. I have been up all night. Why? Hell, I do not know. The son is working in SC driving back and forth to that job. He drives the company 18 wheeler down that carries the large equipment they use to do whatever it is they do. He has been so tired each night when he comes home. Last night he mentioned he might have to work Saturday. He said nothing about not coming home though. Seems like he would have at least tested me to let us know. He will be 37 this year. He does not need his parents permission to stay out. I think I would rather find out he has a new girlfriend...than to think he might be wrapped around a telephone pole somewhere.
Then again...he builds those racecars for the dirt track circuit round here. He may have went straight there to go a race...who knows?
A girl sounds like a good idea for him. I hate the thought of him being alone. We won't last 20 more years. I wish he could meet a good one. Not a tramp. Not a crackhead whore....user. There are everywhere. I told him to start going to church to meet one. He tried that when he was in his teens. The girls mother did not like them sitting in his car and they were fogged up from them making out. She pulled the girl out of his car and beat the shit out of her right there in front of him. PRAISING JESUS all the way. He has never been back to church since.

My husband finally went back to the doctor today. HA! HA! His doctor had a heart to heart with him. Explained to him his sugar was seriously high. And that is why he gave him the medication that my husband has NOT been taking. So, he went over the whole ordeal again...about strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, comas...etc. You name it, that doctor told him he is gonna drop dead if he did not start doing what he ask. He takes the blood pressure crap. So, he came straight home and took one of those pills to help lower his sugar. Said he was going to stop by drugstore to pick up stuff doctor called in. He is actually going to start checking his sugar with one of those monitors. Hard to believe..never saw him do anything he did not want too. You should a heard him going on and on about the guys at work that carry those prick things around and jab themselves several times a day so they can check their sugar in their blood...claiming he is never gonna do that stupid shit. It is just a scam. You know what I think guys? I think he is scared of the pricking part. LOL You reckon?

I picked up our taxes today. HOLY SHIT...we pay nothing this year. Only get back refunds from both Federal and State. Lord have mercy.
I talked to him about it and told him that was because of all the deductions I bring to the I paid them...and he agrees that money all of it should go into my account. Thank goodness. My MLS dues are due again. Plus I just ordered some new post mail out.

Did not hear from the boss. But I bet we go list the condo at the speedway Sunday.
Can not wait.