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2017-03-02 01:04:49 (UTC)

Start your ENGINES!!

What a day. I barely could sleep last night. Woke up soak and wet. So again, not sure why this is happening still after taking the hormonal replacement medication so long. But I did weigh today. First it said 200, then went to 199. That was before dinner too. I bet it is over 200 if I were to go in there right now and weigh again. He told me today that we would go check out mattresses this week. I took him to pick up his truck today. Cost 600 bucks. But it is right again. We could have looked at mattresses today, but this has been a day for rain. Better to wait for a day that has no chance of rain. Then, we can take down this bed. It is a nightmare. I will have more room in here. I told him I would start looking for a treadmill next week. I want it in here so I can be on it a LOT....this weight is coming off.

I got a call today from the boss. OMG! We are going to be listing a condo at the Charlotte Motor Speedway soon. The people are working on it and will be calling us to come take a look. It will be priced right to sell. I will be so proud to take the photos, make the slideshow, and post it on social media. It alone will get me a lot of attention. The boss said he would not mind having it himself. We are both very excited.

Especially with a car coming up in a couple months...and a car show. We can hold an open house during the car show. Wow.....
I can not wait. MY husband asked me today what will I be doing with myself when he goes to work next week? I told him I would be trying to market this speedway condo....very excited.

Life goes on.

After the President's speech last night. I am feeling so good. I think we are going to be fine. He is getting use to being Presidential and has plans to make things start happening. People just need to stop hating. Stop being ass holes. And for the love of GOD be proud to be American. Those darn Democratic women wearing white...looked like the women of the KKK. Act like it too. Sad thing to watch.

Again...I feel much better....I hope many people do. He did well.