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2017-03-01 20:28:35 (UTC)



It is drizzly... and hot... At least it is not sunny at the moment.

I was quite happy to go to the supermarket. Can you believe that? The highlight of my day was shopping for groceries... ha ha ha... but I got quite amused with that. The morning passed quickly and I was out of the house.

The afternoon, as always, was a little bit boring. I spoke with my husband only this morning because he went to work. But he seemed fine about his job. I am waiting for him to call me when he returns home. The day always seems long when I barely talk to him.

Soon, it will be his birthday. Mine is coming as well. I won't have a party but I will probably go out for a coffee and cake.

I hate the mosquitoes here where I live. These insects suck blood every time I go out. I was helping my father with the dogs and then guess? They bit me. Just about summer here in Brazil. The windows are all closed because of these insects.

So, I don't know what I am going to do to entertain myself tonight. I might watch the soap opera as always. But I am not tired at all.

Well, I wish good energy to all of us.