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2017-03-01 02:55:18 (UTC)

Tuesday later in day

I ordered my post cards after editing them. They will be here next week. Marking that off my list.
We took his truck. Not sure what the guys said, he talked to him. But he is doing something that is
going to cast 450.00 and that is just for that whatever that all the other crap. I think he needs
to get a new truck.

I went to the store today. I needed to pick up a pack of poise pads. Walked around in that store for a while getting things I did not need. I returned home with some chicken and frozen green beans, peas, and spinach. I put the beans in the crock pot and the chicken in the oven. We added some mashed potatoes to that and dinner was done.

My point is I returned home without those pads. I forgot them.

So, back at it tomorrow.