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2017-02-28 17:45:38 (UTC)

What if...

Hi there!

Oh! Carnival! I must confess that now I am not anymore in the mood for that. I am glad that the holiday is almost over and finally my daughter will be going to school. I don't like to see her at home.

I went to bed early as I always do but I had some difficulties to fall asleep or to sleep deeply the whole night. So, last night I woke up after a dream I had... What if life was really meaningful? If I was doing something I really liked... What if suddenly I had money to do whatever I wanted in life? Would I be happier? My life always ends up in money... not having enough money to do the things I really would like to do... If we had enough money my husband would be here or I would be there. Ha ha ha... It is a no winning situation in my case. I say in my case because people only see what they want. Here I haven't told all my life. However, I am a good person. I have good wishes, not all about money...

My life has been really tedious... Only I know the reason why it is so tedious. The fact is... I chose not to write here about my whole life. But I am an honest person. People judge all the time and if I am really open then what? Better to keep it like that.

As I was saying this dream made me understand that I am missing a lot in my life... It was a good dream but let's be honest and true dreams are just dreams. Back to reality!

I am here in the office room and it is really hot outside again. We were expecting rain but it didn't come. So, another hot afternoon for us Brazilians. I am wondering when it is going to rain for two following days...

This morning, I washed my husband's summer clothes as he is coming. So, now I have to iron his t-shirts. It is so nice he is coming to see us... It is less then one month before he arrives.

I am glad we can afford the cleaner twice a month. She mops the floor and it looks clean and fresh. I have done some housework this morning but she does the heavy work.

Well, I am going to eat something. Until then, good energy to all of us.