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2017-02-28 11:45:07 (UTC)

Tuesday up early

We had errands to run this morning. We are taking his truck in to be serviced so he does not have to be concerned about it. He returns to work next week starting this weekend. So, he was going to wake me up around 7am this morning. But I woke up myself around 5am. So, I got up, took a shower and did all the woman crap I do in the mornings. I started the coffee and as I poured my first cup, he walked into the kitchen. This is the first time in a while that either of us, much less both of us at the same time have been up this early. We have more errands to run after we drop off his truck.

I am going to take him to look at mattresses. I need this bed changed out asap. I can not do other things until that is done.

Once next week begins, I will be working on getting that tread mill in here somewhere. I need to start getting this place as cleaned up as I can by myself. At the moment, I have no help. My garage looks like a dump for trash, clutter, barely fitting my car. I have a small car. I want to get that tread mill here and set up. I want to get my guitar back out and microphone set up for recording so I can start working with my Australian talent. I can not wait to hear her sing one of my songs. This is a blessing. And guess what people ? I met her on this site.
Thank you....thank you very much.

I want to order another set of post cards for mail outs. I will be working on that this week too. I must do something to get business. I hate that nothing is happening.

Anyway...that is about it for now...