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2017-02-26 20:37:19 (UTC)

Sunday at my parents

Good afternoon!

We had a delicious barbecue in my parents'house as always. This afternoon my mother baked a banana cake for us. It was delicious. It is always nice to be able to be around them.

My daughter is doing her homework and I am here.

It is still hot in Brazil. I can't wait for April and May because then the weather starts to change. At the moment, I struggle with the summer. I don't really like it. I could be in the pool but it is a little bit windy.

I have washed some clothes and folded what was in the airer. Washed some dishes and that was it in terms of housework. I am not in the mood to do a lot as I said before is Carnival. But I must say the house needs cleaning.

My husband is fine. We thought he had hurt his back at work but it was just a twist. I am glad because he can't hurt himself before coming here to visit us.

I am in a good mood but a bit bored as always. But I always get over it.

Well, I wish good energy to all of us.