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2017-02-26 03:02:27 (UTC)

Saturday catching up

I got call from one of my friends today checking in with me. She is independent, owns her own home and works everyday. I love having friends who have a life and know how to keep it without relying on a man. She has a boyfriend, but she has no plans to change anything. He lives at his house. She lives at hers. They both like it that way. Smart people.

We discussed the friend I sent email too last week. She has not talked to her either. Said she may call her this weekend. She and I both were disappointed that she did not respond to me. We talked about all the friends on fb that defriended us during this election. Too many to name. But no love lost really. It was about time to let some of them go anyway. Some people are just users until you disagree with them.

She also told me she had a friend that wants to sell her property. We discussed that too. Hoping it turns into something. I need to remember to give my friends some of my cards. I need business.

Tomorrow he is cooking a brisket. I LOVE them. This place will smell so good.