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2017-02-24 22:47:59 (UTC)

Say CHEESE please

My new camera came today. The battery is charging right now. I have it out of the box and ready for the battery. I will probably go onto you tube to look for a setup clip for it. It has some new features that I am not aware of. Looks also like there is a card for my phone too. I am not sure about all this or how to deal with it. But there is that manual which I have handy.

Took my tax papers to the accountant today. No appointment. No one was there in the waiting room and they ask me if I had an appointment. I have never had an appointment. The owner is a part time actor/professional wrestler. He always does my taxes. Never had to have an appointment. I just told her that I would leave the folder there and they can call me if they need me or when they are ready. Great to have that out of the way.

The old man has left the house twice today. Once he went to pick up a few things at the grocery store which is only about 5 minutes from here. He was gone for 2 hours before I left to the tax office. He was here when I returned. So, a little later I had mentioned something about a sink that is clogged again suggesting that I would call a plumber since this is reoccurring. He jumped up and said he was going to the store to get some drain-0 for it. He was gone for over an hour. Not sure what he is up too. But time will tell. And really. I do not care that much anymore. He can't be up too much. LOL