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2017-02-24 22:40:25 (UTC)

Walking in someones shoes

So today, I took him to get a shot in his eye again. He struggled with it all day. He thought he was going to come home for a couple hours and them take his brother to the doctor. His brothers is not doing too good. I have a feeling that we will be losing him soon. He is younger than us, but lived a rough hard life not taking good care of himself. Sad to watch someone get worse and older looking and weak. I can hear it in his voice when he calls here. We are going to be burying him soon.

I am struggling with words I want to use and cannot remember them. But I am going to try to get through this post. Just to update.

So, while he was recovering here I rode up the road to the tanning salon to get my spray tan. I had already decided that I may have made a mistake. But to my surprise it turned out fine. So, I came back home to let it dry a little and change clothes. I went to pick up some ribs to cook for dinner. Before I started cooking. I made spinach dip using my food processor. OMG it turned out so good. I was so delighted with it.

Well, today in town, we have a small police department. One of the officers went home the other day and had a heart attack unexpectedly. He was on life support. They unplugged him and he passed away today. So, I have been very upset crying uncontrollably. He told him today that I sure do have a soft heart. He reminded me that this has not always been the case. I use to be hard as a rock emotionally and did not allow anything get me down. Or at least I did not show it. He said he knew it anyway.

Anyway...that is about it for this time.

Hoping I can start losing weight before I am the size of a cow.