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2017-02-22 00:45:04 (UTC)

Pampering day

I have actually done something I set as a goal to do. I finally went to get a manicure/pedicure today. It was a wonderful experience. I went to a new place since the usual place was crowded with only one tech. The new place had the massage chairs, which she turned on as soon as I sat down. I could understand everything she said. She was awesome. I will be going back.

I have my spray tan scheduled for Thursday. So, another box checked. Only reason I want to do this is because I wear dresses more often now and it is way too hot and out of fashion to wear panty hose. I just need my legs sprayed also to cover the veins. Plus I wear sandals a lot too. So, getting the pedicure was preparing for the spray tan.

And get this. On the way home, I went a new way and found a great for sale by owner to send a letter too. I did that as soon as I got home. Went to mail the letter too.

Then, like that is not enough. Since the boss called this morning to remind me of an upcoming listing that we are going to have, and I have sent two home owners letters this week....I had been thinking about hiring that photographer girl I know to take the photos of the high end place. I would have to pay her between 200-300 to do it and she does not even have a drone camera. So.....I went on line and picked out my next camera. That was something I needed to do. Got a Canon EOS T6 18MP Camera which comes with two lens and a case. I watched a couple videos before making a decision. I am a Nikon girl. So, I looked at one of those too. But the one I could afford was no where as good as the Canon. So, the Canon won out this time. It will be here within a week.

So, with all that done in one day and pampering to continue through out the week I am set.

For a while.