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2017-02-21 04:22:13 (UTC)

Bits and Pieces

Mood: Fine
Song: Smooth Criminal by Micheal Jackson
Color: Green

This is bits and pieces of some stuff of I've attempted to write poetry wise lately...
It sucks to have all this inside you, words and emotions and ideas and things that your inspired by but then not be able to get them out very well that's been the struggle for me lately.

(Fading, leaving running)
I'm young but I've lived and seen what i'm meant to see.
Beautiful days basking in light, cold desperate nights giving up a fight
I kind of like the idea of being a ghost or a gypsy.
Run for the hills, planes, trains, automobiles, I'm getting on a flight
I'll Fade away from you i promise you won't miss me.
Sparing you what i'm cursed with i'll be gone with the twilight.

I'm making fists just to be left punching at the empty air
Still scared and paranoid checking behind me for ghosts that aren't there.
Drowning in small town drama where the people stop, talk and stare.

With Friend like foes and questions that end in "i don't knows"
dealing with the dizzying effects of soaring highs and crashing lows
The people rush into things without considering the cons or the pros

I'll probably be re writing these or adding to them at a later date...
But there are aspects of them that i really really like...certain wordings and such...
tell me what you think?
Hey even try to add on if you want to send me feedback doing so it could be a collab