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2017-02-21 01:47:36 (UTC)

Another Monday has come & gone

It was hard for me to get up when I needed too this morning. So, I did not. Instead, I missed my showing. It was only for me anyhow. Just another disappointment. So, I got up after sleeping in and started the coffee and loads of laundry. He got up and decide that he should get on line and complete a couple of the classes they told him he needed. He thought he was done with it. I set him up and rode to the store.

I was getting ready to walk in and saw this woman walking into the store from the other door...and I really did not want to see her...or talk to her. So, I did a about turn around...and walked to my car. I rode across the street to another store. It was nothing big. She is really a friend of one of my old buddies. Never really got close to me outside of the other friend. She has in the past hurt my feelings a few times with her attitude thinking if you are not a carbon copy of her, you are a mistake. So, we never really bonded. Although, I did things for her, I helped her set up her house for parties. Rode with her to Alabama a couple times. But when she moved right up the street, I never heard from her again. Only through face book. So, I defriended her a long time ago. I was going through that stage in life where I was cleaning up the friend list. And she did not survive. Nothing really wrong with her or anything. We just never bonded. She is one of those women who work their ass off and has a man in her life that does NOTHING. He is not much to look at. But she acts like other women are out to get him away from her. Although he really has nothing much to do with her and her friends....only those rare times we were at her house. Being a jealous woman is really sad thing to see. And being a gullible one who allows people to walk all over not a good look either.

So, In downtown Charlotte we had some stupid women protesting with their markers, crayons, poster paper and loud mouths trying the best they could do to get as much attention as possible. When the news cameras showed up...they rambled on saying nothing like the fools they were. It was on Facebook live. So, we were watching them talk to one another. Saying nothing. Only bragging about all the protest and riots they have been too recently as if it was the only successful thing they have ever done. Idiots.

IDIOTS! They are every where.