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2017-02-19 23:31:11 (UTC)


It is so beautiful today. I rose early to start my coffee while the guys slept in. I went right over to my office area and got started on my
tax receipts. I had to get that folder out, pour everything out and document...add and have an outline of all expenses for medical, business and other things that are deductible. Took me till mid afternoon. It is done. I took that time to go through my desk which was piled high with things that needed to be filed or at least looked at. I created another letter and sent to the folks down the road who are trying to sale their house on their own. Probably trying to use Zillow. Zillow is not very useful. I offered my services again and hope the call.
Yesterday I saw a house I wanted to go see today. But there was so many appointments I made my appointment for tomorrow. I can not wait to see it.

He is cooking a roast. It smells so good.
(back to finish post after dinner)

OH MY...dinner was off the hook. He really knows how to throw together a Sunday dinner.
My son got here just in time to eat too while it was still hot. He had been to SC to use a dirt track to check out how good this race car is running that he is helping build. He builds the body part.

Anyway....that friend I emailed never responded. I guess I can write her off for good. Which is fine. She has issues that I am not willing to deal with. I am not a talker. When someone calls me on the phone....I want to know why they called....and say bye. She will talk to you for hours. 2, 3, 4...once she talked for 6 hrs. I just hooked my phone up and put it on speaker with the volume turned down just enough so I would know when to respond with a 'yeah" or "no way" or whatever...She called at 7pm and talked till 1am. She talks about everyone. She claims to have a great memory. So, if someone told her will be told in someone. Maybe many. Who knows. Made me not want to discuss much with her.

This week there was an article in our newspaper about this man named Eric who has been charged with death by Vehicle due to another DUI. I once worked for the company his parents owned here in town. 20 years ago. He took the truck from the company during work and was not back when I left at the end of the day. I hear on the news that he hit a man with the truck, the man died, and two little girls were injured too. He run like a coward and hid because he was loaded. Got charged then too. I did not work there long enough to know what happened or if he had to do time or what. But it was a shocker to be reading almost the same damn story where he has once again killed someone. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. He got so much time, he will never come home. His parents were great people. I enjoyed working there. But they also went to church with my husbands ex wife and she is full of shit. Church people have a tendency to throw others under the bus who are not there to speak for themselves. I do not like church people. Not that kind.

Well, that is about it for now. I will be taking a look at that house in the morning. I wish I could get him interested in going to see it.
But he won't.

My boobies are sore. This hormonal replacement crap does that. Makes me wonder of Bruce jenners boobies hurt too. LOL
I wonder if someone could ask him/her?

They bigger too.

More later...I have something else to rant about.