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2017-02-18 18:19:59 (UTC)

Lovely weekend

Here in NC, this time of year, it could be snowing, it could be freezing rain, or it could be 75 degrees with a light breeze or anywhere in between. So, today it is a nice day so far. I put on my contacts after cleaning them real good. It looked like a white film rolled up on them, probably from the paper towel I use. But not sure. It almost feels like something is crawling underneath them. If this continues, I will be taking them out once again and leave this up to the doctor to decide. I need to change them anyway.

Yesterday, I heard from my business woman friend who finally sent me a text. She was touching base letting me know that she was thinking about me and missed me. I told her I figured she was upset with me for shooting my mouth off to her about the drama that fills up her time sometimes. She said she knows that I when I do that, it is for her own good...something like it was good to know that I had not lost her. I really miss our lunches and or stopping in for a drink sometimes.

I took this as a sign to reach out myself to someone. That ex friend I had who had the surgery. The one that got her panties in a wad because my knee went out on me which ended up being told I would knee replacement. Until the shots kicked in, I was unable to take her to her appointments and she seemed to take that as being left out in the cold while she was down....when in fact, she had people at her house all the time. It was a horrible mess. I sent her an email yesterday. But she has not responded. I honestly do not care if she does or not. Not sure if I really miss all that goes along with being friends with someone who is like her. I think I may have had my fill. But I thought I would reach out. She was a part of our group. She can still talk to the others if she wants too or meet them for lunch or whatever. They are all single. I do not go out too much anymore. They all should have seen that coming. But whatever.... I reached out. Take it or leave it.

It is a beautiful day here and I think I will take a ride.