Daily Dosage
2017-02-17 15:35:00 (UTC)

Classes are a drag

So, I'm sitting here in one of my classes, typing away on this computer the school offers for us to use. I would bring my own laptop but then I would have to keep it plugged in all the time, because of the battery pack being busted or something. I'm hoping to buy a new computer soon or so. I still haven't thought of what I want. I kind of just want a desktop but then I wouldn't really have a portable laptop. I guess I'll just do with what I have.
Well. I'm in the middle of emailing one of my other instructors hoping to get some information about this big speech I have to do in order to pass the class. He hasn't emailed be back sadly. I've also created my online store, or at least a rough draft of my store, on wix. I'll be formatting it differently on a different site which one of my most amazing artists, that I look up to, uses. I only have 2 other classes before I'm done for the day, but I still have to stay at the building to finish up some units that I have. PLUS, I don't have a ride home unit the buses arrive.
Ugh, why can't life be easy?
Oh on a side note-- The new book I'm reading, instantly got good, kind of spooky and I'm actually afraid to walk past any mirrors in the dark, which sucks because my room is right next to the hallway mirror that's on a closet.
--Scratch my instructor emailing me, he came to the class that I'm in just to explain something. Haha, oh my lord he's such a funny man. At least now I know I'm in the clear for writing this amazing speech for this such awesome class (you hear the sarcasm yet?)
Anyways, wish me luck.