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2017-02-16 17:25:33 (UTC)

Thursday update

Yesterday, I helped log him into the site online so he could take his update classes and testing preparing him to go to work. Took his pee test this week too. He thinks he may need to log back in to be sure he took all of them. He really does not like messing with computers. So, we shall see. I told him to call them to check to be sure if there is more or is he done. Hoping he will do that today so we can mark this off our list.

I think it may be time to deactivate facebook again and stop watching the news. Period. Yesterday was so upsetting. I stay up late and see some of the foolishness that goes on. It can see some of these people in our government do not seem wise enough to graduate from high
school, much less make important decisions. They are bullying, standing up going on and on about things that are not facts trying to create concern about who is honest or up to something. They are talking about impeachment. Throwing that idea around like it is a done deal. Most of the rioting is caused by this type of nonsense. Even on the news, they will start a story saying something like "our president has ties with Russia and it appears this has been going on since his Champaign" then...follow that statement with "there is no evidence to prove this, but we are looking into it. Seriously? Why not look into what Governor Jerry Brown did with the 25 billion in funds he received to do repairs to that damn....instead of looking into rumors and things you wish were true? That damn looks pretty weak...and the media looks weaker. If they spent as much time trying to get important things done instead of worrying about who can use a bathroom or shower together...which to me seems like the most ridiculous thing ever. Should be pretty damn simple.

It does say something in the bible about those who claim to be brilliant talking like fools. I believe we are witnessing this now.

MY nerves can not take much more of this shit. I need a break from it.

My business woman friend who turned out to be a complete a drunk guy younger than her kids who also wastes his money on heroin posting photos of herself all the time on facebook. It almost looks like she is going through that middle age thing. Posting photos all the time makes me think she needs validation of some sort. But knowing what I do...she also looks foolish. His mother looks younger than her. She should be hanging out with his mother and partying with her. It was his mother who told her that he spent his check on heroin once when they were broke up and she let me know about it. I had already been trying to be her sounding board. But when you bring in truths such as this....I have to wonder how smart are you really? How stupid does it make me look walking into a place with you when you are involved in this kind of foolishness.

Also makes me wonder who else is hiding these types of secrets? My decision to just stay home making more sense each day.
And when they call asking me to go out I have to wonder why? I am not going to partake in heroin....or such things. Do they need a back up? Why me? It makes no sense. I do know when I saw his mothers photo and saw her age...I am older than his mother....and so is this woman dating him. I have a son. I would never encourage that shit. But when you throw in drugs, major ones at that, people simply do not make good decisions. Sick of it. Very disappointed in this woman. She has a daughter who is a drug addict. Who in the hell has someone like this around their family doing drugs if they are not involved in doing them too? Makes me wonder. I have learned from this that I can not help everyone. I do not need to be a sounding board to people in todays world. I do not need a sounding board. I do not need to be one either. The disappointment from things I learn about people is not worth it. I have friends my age who have sense. I do not need these new ones who do not. Walking around looking like a drag queen should have been a clue. I missed that one.