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2017-02-14 19:24:14 (UTC)

Tuesdays gloom

I bet my title cause many to pass them by. That is okay. I am just being honest. I feel like shit today.
But yesterday, although I was expecting to be sore from our walk on Sunday, I was not. But I feel stiff
and sore today.

So, today I am going to ride to the doctor's office down the street and talk to them about doing whatever
I must to my records changed to them. They are closer and this has been a plan. At least by the end
of the day, I will have completed something.

Yesterday, my daughter has an offer and one listing coming up. Two buyers our looking. I may have to
help her once the listing is under contract to help these people locate a place near here.

But right now.
I am doing nothing that requires too much effort.

Hell, taking a shower is beginning to become a workout.
Hope to get answers soon.


Well, the folks up the road do NOT take my BSBC. Not this version. Nor do the others up the road farther.
That concerned me. SO, when I got home I called the ones I been going too. They did say that they take
it. So, I will just stay with them until end of year. When I start Medicare, I will make sure I have a version
that the guys closest to me take.

Going to walk later....felt good to take that short ride.

Thanks for the messages....