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2017-02-14 12:26:19 (UTC)

Good mood

Good morning!

I had an early morning because I was worried about not being awake by the time I should take my daughter to school. It has been like that lately.

Yesterday was a really good day for my mother and I. We were a bit fed up of being at home so we went to the mall. I needed to buy few items at the stores so it was nice we went there. We had a delicious coffee and cake but this time I had a pineapple cake. I enjoyed but it was a bit to acid for my taste.

So, this morning I am back to my routine... The washing machine is on and I have to cook our meal as well.

I have spoken to my husband a couple of times. He is all right. Today is Valentine's Day. Even we are apart we have been really close to each other. That is nice. Next month, he will be here for two weeks. It is better than nothing.

I am in a good mood. Hoping the day goes quickly of course...

My daughter this morning was really tired. I felt she needed to sleep more... lol I guess she was on her mobile late last night. However, she told me that she was not. Anyway, I will have to talk to her seriously about this.

I'd better go for now. Good energy to all of us.