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2017-02-13 01:37:29 (UTC)

Sunday's walk

We did it. One, for me it was hard to believe that he brought this up. Two, we actually did it. I asked him this afternoon if he
was still wanting to go walking? Giving him an out. All he had to do is come up with an excuse to put it off till tomorrow or just say
he had changed his mind. But he said instead, "let me know when you ready". So, with that I got ready to go. First time I have had
walking shoes on in a while. We rode in his truck. Pulled in to park. I saw no one walking. There was a couple people sitting in cars
but not on the walking track. So, he and I got out of the truck and walked down to the track. He said lets set our goal at two and
see how we feel. So, he grabbed my hand and off we went. Before we were around our second curve on the track, one of the ladies who was sitting in the her car passed us. She was going a bit faster than us. A little later, the other woman was also on the track. We gathered that they were just waiting on someone else to start walking since no one feels safe anymore alone. He mentioned that he did not want me coming there to walk alone when he starts working. He said we could get a tread mill, a step ladder or whatever I wanted to set up at home so I can walk or use when I am at home. I felt shocked. Who is this man? He went on to say that we would have to pay a couple thousand for a good treadmill. I just let him talk. I did ask where we would put one? He seems to think one would fit in my room. Well, not like it is now. So, I could set up a twin bed in here and have room for a treadmill and this recliner. I may start working on that idea.

I did look on line to see which ones were popular and check out reviews. I found one that is also being advertised on tv a lot right now on sale for 1699.00. God, it looks so big. I am just not sure yet. I did like using one when I was going to the YMCA. But did not like being around all those people. Plus the cost was ridiculous as much as I paid for the membership and did not go but a couple times. Having one here makes more sense.

We ended up walking around the track three times. He held my hand the entire time. He is acting weird. I am not used to this.
But I could get use to it.