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2017-02-12 07:25:52 (UTC)

Winding down with new plans

So, we will start walking tomorrow. I guess when your husband brings up walking together, you be assured that you have finally
become a total fat ass. So, my plan worked like a charm. I really needed him to start walking long before now. But he has never
agreed to it. This time talking about it was his idea. So that alone makes it special to me. I am looking forward to this new plan.

Yes, this was a sad week. I hate that I have lost touch with these people, but most of them like to do drugs and party like rock
stars. I just see no sense in being close to that scene. I have not been around them in a while. I really hate that there was a death
in their family. But many people were there and I knew that. So, being there myself was not really necessary. The last time I went
to someone's house after a death occurred, it was a friends mother. So, I went there to be supportive. They had so much beer..
and alcohol it was unbelievable. Standing in front yard smoking pot too. I was only there during part of one day, but this went on
for several days. Although this most likely did not happen this time, there were a lot of people there that do dabble in that stuff.
I just can not be around that. I just can not. I am so much older than most of them. And if they need to be around a parent,
an aunt or someone older, it should be someone they are around more often. People change as they get older and their families
grow. Sometimes changes are made. Sometimes those changes are good ones. Sometimes they are not. I am too old, to fragile
to be involved with anything that is not close to home. I have been drifting away from these people for a long time. This is not

Thinking about that today reminded me of others I have drifted away from. I am not going to be close to drama or people who
have problems all the time. When you get our age or have grown children and homes to take care of, it is not my place to solve
problems for you. If you need someone to help you sell your property, we may have something in common. I can help with
that. But even then, I am not going to do that anymore until someone is ready to sign an agreement so I can make money
doing what I do. The freebies stopped a while back.

Tomorrow will be a good day to look for property with for sale by owner signs. I might even call the people down the road
who have had a sign up a while. I could go see it at least. It is time to get back to the order of making money. Business
is my thing. And I will be trying to do that tomorrow too. He said he would take a ride with me.

I was hoping that today would end some of the sadness that I have been feeling. It made me feel good to donate more
money to their funeral fund. Seeing that one thousand dollar donation shortly after mine did it for me today. I knew when
I saw the total after that the goal they needed had been reached. They will have money left too. So, that is good for them.
I just pray that they handle it wisely. And they are wise enough to get back to work and back to the life they were creating.
It was not long that this family was homeless. He was sleeping on sofas...and her and the kids were at her parents. It took
him a while to save the money to get a house. I have been so proud that he was keeping a job. But the man is in his 40's with
a wife and four, now three kids. You have to work to keep your household in tack. Takes a while for people to get that...or learn
it for real. I pray he has.

I am just a friend of the family. And his sister married a man who has been a blessing since the day they met. He changed
her life for the good. He is the best thing that has ever happened to this family. II am not sure what in the world they would
have done without him. I really like that man. I think most families have a leader. He is their leader. And a good one at that. husband has done what he was supposed to do to go back to work. Now we will be walking. He has till first week
in March. I have a class later that month. And right now, I am not sure if I am healthy enough to attend a class that starts
so early. It takes me a while to stop hurting just to walk. A few years ago, I was looking for wheelchairs. We must start
taking care of ourselves to avoid that. I have way too much to do.

I still have a company to run. My daughter has two buyers....and one listing that coming up. So, she is working her butt off.
Making me look good. I need to do the same. I will be losing weight and getting back to my old self. A better self that is.

I want to thank those of you that read my diary and send me well wishes and advice. I totally love it and appreciate all of you.

Take care.