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2017-02-11 21:16:16 (UTC)

Music to my ears

Lord have mercy. He said something to me for not attending that funeral today. He knows I love those people. Although, some
of their acquaintances leave room for doubt. I just told him once again that I feel like shit. I FEEL LIKE SHIT. All this sadness knocked
me out this week. Even without it....I usually FEEL LIKE SHIT.

So, later he came in here and asks me what I thought about him going to the store and getting both of us a salad for dinner and
some fresh fruit for later? It was like the sky opened up and Jesus himself was asking this. Sounds good to me. He went on
to tell me that we are going to stop eating fattening stuff and he is going to help me loose this weight. He also asked if I feel like
walking? I said no. But we can do this on days this week that the weather is good. He agreed.

Finally. He gets it. Or he is sick of my never getting up anymore.

Whichever. His help is very appreciated.

I took a long hot shower, trimmed my bangs and put on that new gown I ordered. I have lots of gowns and pajamas.
I put it on and discovered that I had it on backwards. So, I fix that. So, looked at the clock and noticed the time...
thinking that funeral is probably over, I wanted to get the gofundme page to see if there had been a rise in balance.
I had added another 100 bucks when decision was made not to go. I was going to give that to the grandmother...
OMG! When I added my donation, it was like 2350. Someone added 1000 bucks. It is 3350.00 now. I almost
started crying again. But held it together. WOW.....

Feeling a little better. He is getting ready to go pick us up a salad.