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The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-02-11 15:59:22 (UTC)

Trying not to be jealous.

Trying to be jealous. But I can't help it. One thing, that bothers me about the one guy from work I talk to a lot.

Is that, he is willing to drive an hour to see someone who he use to sleep with. But can take 15-20 min drive to see me on his days off.

He claims we're friends and all. But we've been talking to each other since October. And we've hung out maybe Twix in person since then. I understand he's known her a little bit longer and they're just friends and all.

But I get this feeling, that if she should ever become single again. He'll go straight back to her. Because this has happened to me more than one occasion.

Guys tell me they just want friends with benefits. Then they'll stop talking to me. And the I look at their Facebook page, and all of a sudden they're in a relay with either their ex. Or someone else.

Trying not to let my jealousy get in the way. But this is one thing that's bothering me. I'm not asking to see him everyday. Just would be nice, if he would actually want to see me and not make it, sound like it's such a drive to see me. Even though i live really close. But yet he can drive an hour to see this friend of his.

Think I'm just going to take a break from talking to him.