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2017-02-08 20:20:33 (UTC)

Concerning the next Holiday

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To whom it may concern On the Subject of the Unmentionable Holiday that is coming up February the 14th....
Other wise known as Valentin- *Gags* can't finish that sentence.... -_-
It's not that i'm against it as a whole....it's just i don't like no having anyone... i don't like not having valentine and so it kind of puts a damper on the whole holiday.
i'm all for true love and i'm happy for those who have it.... but me i'm just over here like.... *awkwardly scans a room and shrinks back into a corner to hide*
I'm open... but not to what isn't right for me.
Maybe i'm too picky maybe i'm too shy maybe i'm not likable idk.

But i had the following conversation with my sister today

T: When is Valentines day?
Me: Considering neither of us has a boyfriend lets forget about Valentines day.
T: But...But i like Chocolate!
Me: -_-
Her: Bursts out laughing at the look on my face
Me: Bursts out laughing at her laughing at me

But honestly? can the day just pass?
It's one of those things that i always feel peer pressured by society about like i feel like i'm missing out on something.

I mean....there are a few cliche romantic things i've never done that i'd like to...
Have a Valentine and be someone's Valentine.
It doesn't need to be a big fancy dinner with ridiculously expensive things...That's not my style.
I'd be happy with Cooking dinner for said person and watching movies or playing games and just spending the evening with them and of course sharing some Chocolate.
exchanging Cards or notes. :)
Just having someone and being with them on a day that celebrates love and being with someone.
I don't know if that will ever happen....but i'm hopeful.
But until that time i will probably be the Grinch that stole Valentines day.... :P
keep all the chocolate for myself hahahahah

Hope that your Valentines will be more eventful than mine.
What are your plans if your with someone?
What are your plans for it if your single like me?