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2017-02-08 19:57:22 (UTC)

End of argument

Hi there!

I am much better today. Things just went back to place and the discussion I had with my parents is now forgotten. I hope so.

This morning we went to the supermarket and everything went smoothly. I mean I didn't argue with my mother. I am happy about that because in the end somehow we depend on her help.

She is still doing home diffusers. They really look nice and she spends her time doing them. Before going to the supermarket we went to two decoration stores. Most of the time I get fed up of waiting for her but this morning I was fine.

My husband was working all day long. I've just spoken to him. I am glad he is fine and healthy. He reminded me that spring is just coming in England. It is so nice to see the flowers and the gardens. I miss all these things sometimes.

I am not so depressed today because I went out. I hope in the future I will have more opportunity to go out. In the end everything is about money... I mean, petrol and so on.

Well, nothing else to add to my day... Good energy to all of us!