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2017-02-08 07:15:18 (UTC)

Been a sad day here

I have a friend whose son went to school with my daughter. He was year younger. When he started his family, his first child had some
issues born with birth defects along with Turner Syndrome. She was not expected to live 24 hours. She did though. Then they said
she would not live but a month, then four years...then she would not live past puberty age. She lived for 25 yrs. A real cutie pie who
always had a smile on her face. She went to church every Sunday. She even had a job. She was a joy. And she will be missed.

He came home today to find me upset about her death so he took over reminding me how lucky I am.
I did not like him leaving this time. First time in 5 yrs he has been out of town.

I am sick of these damn liberal dumb asses trying to ruin Trump. Get over it. He is the President. You fuckers are out
numbered. The fighting has not started yet. We know we won the day he was sworn in. You guys keep this stupid
shit up and you are going to all get beat down in the streets all over this country.

Nancy Polosi was talking in front of an audience saying she "can work with Bush, but she needs to know his plans" or
something like that. TRUMP IS PRESIDENT, NOT BUSH. Get some help old bitch. You are crazy.
The two black senators who are usually standing near her were standing behind her and just looked at
one another. Later I saw the same woman in front of an audience talking about Trump with his arms
around Putin who is currently bombing Korea. HE IS NOT BOMBING KOREA....for the love of GOD...just stop.
YOU fuckers lost.

You know ....Trump said that he would not go after Hillary. She did not get a pardon. Guess what? You guys are
going to be shocked big time when our DOJ and Attorney General do go after her...with a special prosecutor, TREY GOWDY?
Remember him? When he starts going after her and you guys see that worthless bitch get locked up...
oh hell, I can not wait.

And you keep throwing down in the streets...and you are going to learn in time that you are our numbered....
we have more people....more weapons...and more power. You guys will get hurt if you keep this silly shit up.
Spraying that young girl with pepper spray.....just because she was wearing a TRUMP HAT? You should not have
done that.

My grand daughter will be attending college in a couple years...and we will get this mess straight...before....then. will be fixed.

And we will not be concerned about our sexual identity. What in the hell are you sick people thinking? Are you
trying to drive people as insane as you are? Sure seems like it.