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2017-02-06 07:57:58 (UTC)

Analyzing people

I swear man. Sometimes people reveal themselves loud and clear when they open their mouth. One, when people think you can do
something for them, they all of sudden remember your name and claim you and they have been friends for such a long time. Just because
you met me through one of my friends 30 yrs ago does not mean we are friends. That only means we know one another through a mutual
friend. Acquaintances is all we are. So, when I have a question to ask you about your business or craft willing to pay for your services, that
is a business meeting. Not friends hanging out. When I show people property, they are clients, not my new friends. I know where the line
of boundaries are. I know when to walk. I know when not to talk.

When you sit there and knock my idea down, since you do not think it is something you could make enough money doing, basically
shutting me down, I do not get the chance to say that I would have been willing to pay 1000 bucks a month. I really need to know
how to use my camera. I do not want to fuck your boyfriend. He has a wife and child. I have a husband. So...I sit there and listen
to her going on and on about how he has this wife, and his money goes into his and his wife's joint account. He also has this child
who is kind of like
an adult, special needs kid. She has no kids, but seems to know just exactly how you raise a special needs child.
She has spoken to a child psychologist just getting information
to prove how correct she is.

She then went on about the ex boyfriend whom I had met before but do not know him. Do not want too. He is a drug addict,
stopped working and dates porn star type women. So she says...All that information I could have went on with my life not even
knowing. I do
remember when she was with him. He was the reason she did not play music. He did not like her going to bars.
If you gonna
play music, you gotta go to bars. She was going to make a cd and put some stuff on it...still trying to make it in the
music business,
which after all this time of trying, it becomes a waste of time. If you were going to make it, you would have by now. So, blaming
your boyfriend at the time is not the reason you failed. You failed because you were looking for reasons to fail.

and then talk about how they drink too much.

Instead of finding fault with everyone in your life....think about your own faults.

Just like this latest failed relationship. He walked away from you and back to his family. A man is not going to walk away from his
child. He is not going to take advice about raising a child, especially one with special needs.

Just like
the drinking man. This man was doing everything wrong. He was not behaving like she asked him to act. I remember one day, she
ask me about a woman I had replied a post to something she posted asking me if I knew her? I did not. Oh, she was one of the
actress types that she had told her boyfriend at the time to not talk too. And he had also made a reply. She was upset about that.

Once I had a guitar she wanted in pawn. I did not have the money to get it out so she could see it and play it. She was thinking
about buying it. So, she comes up with this idea. She knows the man who owns it...and he drinks so much he gets out of his mind.
Rides around in a limo sometimes. She thought we could go somewhere he goes....and she seemed to know all about places he
went. "we could get him drunk and talk him into giving us a ride to the pawn shop in the limo to play the guitar...he would probably
just give it back too you and would never mention it". What she did not realize is I had known this man since he was in the
first grade. There was no way in hell I would ever do that type of thing to him. So, I stopped talking about my guitar to her.

She made some cash by claiming sexual harassment at large company near here. Her ex used to work there. She took that
money and move to near where this new guy lived, and started asking people for divorce attorneys. From the looks of things
from a distance, she had found Mr. Right. But in time, Mr. Right, just like the ex was doing all the wrong things. And probably got
tired of being ordered around.

One, I love my friends. I love the guy who owns the pawn shop. I would never tell him how she was scheming to take advantage.
That would hurt his feelings. It hurt mine listening to it.

People need to take care of their own things. And when someone offers you a job, or brings it up that they are interested in your
services, maybe letting them talk about it more so you really know what they need and what they were willing to pay...before you
start going on and on about how great you are at taking photos just like I needed to learn how to do....bragging to me hoping to
get hired to take some for a couple hundred bucks. I was willing to pay her 250 bucks a lesson for four weeks to show me how to
do it myself. One day a week. But we did not get that far into the conversation.....she needed to throw her boyfriend under the bus for
not raising his child right....and putting his earned money still in the bank with is wife.......
which is a sign.....that she is still his wife and will be going home someday......not anything else.

SO, now she is selling things so she can rent a cheaper place. Someone ask her if she had any camera equipment. I am not
sure if her NO meant she did not have any to sell or did not have any at all. I am in the market for another camera. I will
be in the market for a photographer to take some photos in the area she was living. I do not even know her well enough
to know if she will be available or should I ask someone else?

I hate to see people crash and burn.
But sometimes, they have to in order to learn where they went wrong.

Then again, sometimes they only look for someone else to blame.