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2017-02-05 02:45:29 (UTC)

Weekend mellowing out

We discussed earlier this week that he was sick of the testing to be allowed to work. I told him to do whatever he wanted, but
this damn work around here will be done if he goes back to work or not. He thought about it. Said he would try. So, tomorrow
he will be driving to Piedmont, SC to take a class to update his credentials. Frist of March, he should be going back to work for
a while anyway. Then again in the fall. This time is considered spring since it will be lasting through out the spring. But he
will be staying away from it and giving it up if his eye does not straighten up by the time he goes. He has one more shot later
this week. We shall see.

I have picked out the color of the sliding. And he said he wants the windows replaced too. So, I am getting syked. Again.
So, who knows, this time next year; maybe all this will be complete.

Milo Yiannopoulos is my favorite person this week. Can not wait till his book Dangerous gets here. I am so looking forward
to seeing it. He is exposing so much crap. These spoiled buttercups have lost their minds. ALL OF THEM.

This country is getting really sickening. I am embarrassed. That women's march was lead by the whore's of Satan. Hard
to watch. And those stupid hats. Seriously? Some of these people should be educated professionals. But it appears they
lost their damn minds somewhere along the line. I would be afraid to have a case in court if the judge is wearing one
of those hats. Or if you go to the doctor and they are wearing one. Holy shit. When will it stop?

Is this the end of our country? Is this the end?

Be my damn luck.