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2017-02-04 14:56:06 (UTC)



I am hoping that I will sleep better tonight. It is 12.48 a.m. and I have decided that I am not going to take a nap this afternoon. I like to relax after lunch but no point because I get floppy and I don't sleep at all. A complete waste of time.

Right now, I am doing some laundry and yesterday I swept the floors and washed the shower box floor. So, I can take it easy today.

It is still hot here as we are in the summer season. I am bit fed up again with the weather. It is bright and hot.

We had a nice barbecue in my parents' house. So, now we are back to our house.

I still haven't spoken to my husband today. Hopefully he will be OK. I am fine but could be better anyway. But then I don't want to complain.

Well, once again good energy to all of us.