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2017-02-04 00:33:05 (UTC)

Friday evening update

I have been feeling like crap, tired, lifeless, and even confused. For instance, today, I rode to CVS to pick up a few things. They did not have
one thing on my list, however, I did see one of those metal like containers to hold your credit cards. Mine needed to be replaced, I had a 2
dollar coupon, it was only 5 bucks, so I got it. It was the only thing in my cart when I got toward the front. The lady spoke too me like she thought I had dropped it from my purse, asking is that yours? I think she thought I was looking for my keys before pushing the cart in its spot.
I told her, yes, it is mine, but I am purchasing it. I stumbled around with the words, had a very hard time checking out. But got through it.
When I got to the car, I knew I still needed to go get the things on my list, and was trying to decide if I was going to go to Walgreens or
what? I set at the entrance in my car waiting on traffic to allow me a place to pull out. Finally got out, had a panic attack. Tried to recall
what I had said to the lady, could not. So, I came home. I put my head in my hands at my desk. He walked through there and saw
me asking what is wrong. I told him I felt a bit scatter brained and extremely tired. We decided it would be best if I did not go anywhere.
So, I changed clothes and crawled back into my recliner. It took about an hour to come out of it. I feel like I do not have conversations with people much at all. So, talking to someone is hard. I have a hard time listening, and getting my point across if I have one. I am trying to say words that do not come out. I forget them. The words. Signs of dementia. That is what that is.

I got a call this week from the boss saying one of our past clients want us to list their house. I pulled together comps yesterday
and sent him the report. That house will sell for around 400k. Wow. So, I am ready for that when it happens.

However, I will have to order another camera. Mine is shot...thanks to my ungrateful daughter who messed it up. I am getting
another one just like it....and I am going to have a camera again that takes good photos. When I get that house sold, I can pay
all my bills again. We have several things lined up to make some money by Springtime. So, I am feeling better about that.
Glad I got that class out of the way. But today was awful.

I think it is also because I am not taking the medication right. I forget. You can not forget.

Oh my lord. That crap at Berkeley was horrible. I am about sick of this HATE TRUMP movement. It is getting old.
Real fast.