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2017-02-02 18:26:28 (UTC)


Hi there!

I am here.

It is hot again. The air conditioner is on... I am hoping it won't consume a lot of electricity because it is an old one.

I tried to get busy this morning. So, as always I did a bit of laundry, and cooked. The problem is not cooking but doing all the washing up and cleaning the mess it is left behind after lunch. Tomorrow I intend to vacuum the floors. It doesn't look like the cleaner was here on Monday.

This afternoon I tried to take a nap but it didn't work. So, it is better I just try to get interested in something. But honestly I rather go out.

I don't have a lot of news. I spoke to my husband this morning and he had to work this afternoon. I am hoping he won't start feeling stressed about things.

Well, that is it for now... Housewife routine... ha ha ha ! What a great thing!

Anyway, good energy to all of us.