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2017-02-01 08:08:56 (UTC)


Mood: Tired, Hungry.
Song: Turn our eye's away by Trent Dabbs and Ruby Amanfu
Color: Copper and Green

So tonight when reading something that my mother posted on FB i felt a strange connection with her and it reminded me that i do have many things in common with her and many things about me, i get from her.
I've always considered myself closer to my dad...But i can't imagine my life without my mom and so here i'm going to write some of the things that we have in common or things that she inspired in me.

1. We are both night owls
2. She inspired creativity in me, weather that be Photography, Drawing, writing ect.
3. We have similar taste in Food
4. She is the reason that i love reading and books the way i do.
5. She and i can talk about almost anything.
6. She's a organizer, she taught me proficient ways to do things.
7. She gave me my out look on life basically, Gave me my Education and tried to teach me and make me a good well rounded person.
8. She taught me to be able to laugh at myself.
9. She and i are both Incredibly stubborn
10. We're both Klutzes
11. We both are Introverts
12. We both don't mind being alone.
13. we both Cry when we get angry.
14. We both unwaveringly stand firm in what we believe.
15. We both love to laugh.
16. We both are insomniac zombies who don't sleep well.
17. We both have High pain Tolerance's
18. We both Feel things very deeply.
19. We'd both Die for who we love.
20. we'd both rather be alone than settle for someone that's not right for us.

She's more forgiving and patient and a better person than i could ever hope to be....
I know this.
I've always known this.
I love my mom.
But i could never live up to be as an amazing person as she is.