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2017-01-31 05:58:25 (UTC)

Unexpected accomplishments

So when I got up Monday morning, I was not thinking much about taking a class. Not that yet. I was already
dreading the one I had signed up for to take on the 14th. I started thinking about that one. Decided to look
on line to see if I could locate that same class that could be take on line. I found it in no time. So, I started.
I was thinking it was in four parts. I was thinking okay, I will take two parts today and two parts tomorrow.

I began. Had test at the end of part one. I aced it first time with 100 percent correct. So, I went ahead
and started the second part. FHA Financing. I am familiar with it so it went by quickly. Although, I kept getting
interrupted with calls and had to take time to send information to people per the boss. Then, my husband
decided to start asking about dinner, going to the store. So, I paused a few times to talk to him. But
after about three hours, I had finally completed part two.

I went ahead and printed out part three and set it aside for tomorrow or maybe even later if I felt like it.
So, after dinner, I pulled out my folder and signed in and started part three. When I got to the test, I realized
it said final text before final exam. OMG it was only three parts and I was getting ready to complete it.
I finished it. It is done.

So, now, I can call the other place and get a refund. Save myself 85 bucks.

On facebook the other day I had reached out to the young man who had the condo to sell. He responded to
me today sounding very depressed and unhappy. His sister is buying the condo and he feels left out. Said
something about a will and he is confused and hurt about the way things are being handled. Feels like they
are being ugly. I replied to him with a pep talk. Reminded him of how he took care of his mother when
she was sick. He traveled with her from California to NC many times addressing all of her needs. He drove
a handicap van so he could provide her a wheelchair when they went places. He did all the hard stuff.
I reminded him how sweet and loving she was to him and to anyone she cared about, including me. I
encouraged him to rise above all the ugliness and not to respond with the same. Respond with kindness
and honor. I told him that it was time to start taking care of himself. His mother would not want him
to be sad this long. Time to be that honorable man she raised to be independent. Be proud.

He let me know how much he needed that pep talk. He had recently broke up with some girl who was 2 timing
him during all this other sadness. He really needed encouragement and kindness. I tried to remind him who
he was and why. He was so sweet.

Matter a fact, later this evening he told me that he had talked to his dad about calling the local college where he
is to see about signing up for those classes his mother and he discussed so much. He said he was ready.
And thanked me for helping him.

It is not hard to be kind. Matter a fact, it is harder to be unkind. It takes more work and effort.

Something to think about.

Share a smile on Tuesday. Pay it forward