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2017-01-29 06:12:22 (UTC)

This world has gone crazy

Not sure if deactivating Facebook is working too well. I logged in today. But already deactivated again. I have a friend on there who
grew up with my son. He wants me to list his mothers townhouse. She passed away 6 months ago. I wanted to be sure he had a way
to get in touch with me if he decides to do it soon. I was amazed at all the crap on there. Is it ever going to end?

Our President has been busy this week. Now, we have people protesting at the airports, even here. I saw several clips of other
things. One was where someone is dead set and determined to have us all believe that the pedophile ring that the Clintons are
supposedly involved in will be coming to light again. That Wiener is the cause of most of that. First, he was being investigated
about sending sexting text to a 15 yr old girl from this area. IN the process of that investigation, they had a warrant to take a look
at his computer. When they did this, they located a bunch of those "missing emails" Hillary tried to erase. And since they had the
right to read them...they found some emails that implied there was a pedophile ring in DC. Hence Pizza GATE is formed.

Also, because those emails were on his computer, the FBI director made the announcement about the letter he sent to all
of them alerting them that the email investigating was underway again. New information. Which was what he was supposed
to do. He was doing his job. All the liberals are convinced she lost election because of that letter. And that could be true,
but the truth remains....they found new information. She again was careless with her emails. Above the law syndrome I suppose.

Anyway...all that is supposed to be coming back up. In that same clip, I also read where three or four of the Washington
people, including Lindsay Graham are supposed to have created ISIS. WHAT? I think that is 100 percent bullshit.
Graham would have a hard time creating a new email address...much less a terrorist group. Crazy shit.

Whoopi is going to be sued by Trump for reporting lies about him paying prostitutes to urinate on him. NOT TRUE.
Rosie O is at it again too. Those two, Ashley Judd and Madonna can all go to hell. I am sick of all of them...and those
like them. Mental illness is running fast through the Hollywood crowd.

And when they see their fearless leader Hillary being hailed away in handcuffs....will the outrage be because she will
be in jail or because of what she has done? No one has a moral surface these days. Anything goes.
Remember that old hag...the old maid who reported right when all that ugly stuff was coming out that there has been
no scientific proof that having sex with kids does then any harm at all....? Seriously? This is how these people think.

The world is going crazy.