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2017-01-27 17:09:44 (UTC)


Man time is really flying by so fast. It seems like yesterday I was at the Sports Page with my husband having lunch.
That was probably two weeks ago. Not likely to happen again for a while. I am still getting used to not being on facebook
all the time. But I am also finding struggling with that is helping me to stay on track with no soda, no sugar, and I am staying
busy trying to get at least a thing or two done each day. Things are really getting done. Slowly but still getting done.

I am having second thoughts about TRUMP. Yeah, you heard it. I am so sick of hearing him talk about the crowd sizes,
and the other things he goes on and on about. Just get busy dude. DO you job and stop concerning yourself about
all that crap. Run the country. Do what you promised. All of us who voted for you and who have lost lifetime friends
for doing so would at least appreciate you doing your job while also appearing to be Presidential.

For a while, he was saying the things I was saying. Almost the same verbage. Now, that I am not on facebook going on
and on about it, he appears to be lost. LOL. Should I go back just to help him out? NOT HAPPENING!
That was a stupid thing to say here. Sorry.

My husband gave me some good news yesterday. He finally talked to one of his old supervisors who explained to him
that the class he absolutely did not want to take only last for one day, not a whole week. So, he has decided to sign up
for the class and take it so he can go back to work soon. YEAH.......I was beginning to think I was going to be the main
bread winner round here. I do not want to be. Not yet.
Thank GOD for Outages at the power company.

I told him yesterday that I figured that if he did not go back to work to replenish our savings, the work he promised to do
would not be happening. He said he had been thinking about all that too. We are both glad he has decided to go on back
to work. He will have to ride down to Piedmont SC to take the class. I reminded him that I too have to take 8 hours
of classes each year to keep my career going. He is thankful he that he does not have to do this that often.

People are protesting about the damn WALL being constructed. Dear lord. Please get a life...a job...a friend....something...a
hobby....just stop the silly shit. I figure the only damn people concerned about a border wall being built are people who reply
on drugs from Mexico to either sell or take. Not to mention the human trafficking and horrors such as that.

I do not care who pays for it. The lives that are
saved...will be worth it.

I am feeling rough today. Yesterday was good. This morning was also good. But it is much colder today and my spring
fever has turned into the blues.

But I will get over it. I always do,

I can not wait for him to go back to work. I will have time alone again. Hoping to feel like getting out my JB PLAYER, and
play some songs. I need to play them once and a while to remember them. Even if no one ever hears my songs, I still
get joy from them.

And I will NEVER go see Childers play again. I am about to be convinced he is some sort of devil worshiper.
He needs to stay away from me. An apology would not be enough. I thought so much of him. Now he is
nothing. Just a name I do not want to hear. I do not want to hear him plays his songs. I may give all the CD's
I have of him to goodwill. About the only GOOD to come of it.