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2017-01-27 12:02:21 (UTC)


Hi there!

I just had a nice shower and I am ready to start cooking... We are going out early this afternoon so I have to start cooking a bit earlier.

I am quite well although I think I could be less moody this morning. But there is a reason...I don't like to go to the mall with a lot of people hanging around with us. My mum invited my aunt and so she is taking her grandson and my daughter is also going... So, in total 5 people in the car. I prefer when just three of us are together: my mum, my daughter and I. Well, I do like my aunt but then I don't have anything to do with her grandson. However, he is a nice kid and I expect he won't create any trouble. But then I am being selfish.

Yesterday, was a good day... I mean productive... I vacuumed the floors and cooked and did some laundry. So, the house was tidy. I still have things to do like donating some bit and pieces but I prefer to do it after my husband is here and has gone back. The room where he puts his things are full of small items that need to be in the rubbish or donated.

I hope I will have a nice time with my family. I must say that I am grateful for the support my parents give me. So, I really love them despite I don't tell them all the time.

So, I'd better go. Good energy to all of us.