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2017-01-27 06:59:48 (UTC)

10 songs

Mood: Tired
Song: None Ironically
Color: Orange

Music is a big part of my life i listen to something almost constantly and if i'm not listing to something i'm singing it my self.
So i thought i'd share the top 10 songs ive been listening to this week.
and so without farther ado in no particular order.... :)

1. Last day on earth By Katie Miller-Heidke
2. 18 Years by Daughtry
3. Sail By Awol Nation
4. Kill a word by Erick Church
5. Gives you Hell by All American rejects
6. Boulevard of broken dreams by Green day
7. Kids in the Dark by all time low
8. You only get what you give by the New radicals
9. She loves me By This Condition
10. Kitchen sink by 21 Pilots

with Honorable mention to:
The last time by Taylor swift
Last Resort by Papa Roach
Water under the Bridge by Adele
I Found by Amber Run
Girl on fire by Alicia Keys