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2017-01-26 19:49:08 (UTC)

A new way to feel awake

I am not sure why it is. Maybe those Insures I been drinking...or is it Ensure? It could be giving up soda, bread, less gluten? I do not
have the answers. But when I woke up this morning at 5:30 am, I was feeling no pain, no stiffness at all. I have not felt that normal in
months, maybe years. I have tried to cut down on certain foods. Started drinking those chocolate flavored a day. Since Monday.
Could drinking only three of them help that fast? It is the most major change. But I am not going to get to excited. I want to see how
I feel in the morning. If this continues, you will be hearing things from a very happy old woman. Thanking God constantly.

No facebook. No stress. Feeling more positive about life in general.
Which is really the best advice for anyone who feels like crying all the time or ripping someone's head off. Think about what you are
exposing yourself too. I did. I decided that shit is not for me. Not in that large dose. I may go on there once and a while. But everyday, all day won't be happening at all. Actually I have not missed it. I have got my closet cleaned out and rearranged....I have reorganized my desk and files. I am not one of those facebook addicts who stare at a cellphone constantly either. I do not go on the internet with my phone. I may text people from time to time or check to see if I have received emails. But most of that is business related. When I was using facebook, I would use my laptop or my desktop in my office area. Walking away from that was another thing.....a good thing that I have done.

It was getting hard to realize all the idiots in this country and elsewhere. I do not need to know about that shit or how they feel or think.
I feel my way...let them feel theirs. I need to focus on myself. When you get my age, it is okay to be more selfish with your time...
your thoughts....and ideas. No need to share. I am not the President. I am the vice President though of this company and I am the
Broker in Charge. My focus is business. That is where it will stay. Time to make ideas turn into money not just for me, my brokers but
for this company.

I am ready. Feels good to be ready.