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2017-01-25 14:55:51 (UTC)

Almost normal Tuesday

What a big difference not being on social media at all. I only partake in facebook. But deactivating has brought me some peace. Today was almost normal. I finally got signed up for to take the class in March with the boss. While on that site I found another class I can take
in February too. So, after the class in March, I will have all my classes out of the way for this year.

So, today, I took a ride. Rode through downtown here. Wanted to locate these doctor offices that I am going to look into so myself and
my husband can both change and start going here. It makes sense to do it since one, his doctor rotates, so although he can go to this
closer office, he can go when his regular doctor is there. I went to the post office too. Going to change post offices also as soon as
the rental fee is due again. Makes sense for same reason. Getting things done.

Also found two for sale by owners. I have letters ready to drop in the mail tomorrow.

Now, I thought about facebook today. I thought of this recipe that I had saved the video of where you take cauliflower and make
flatbread. I wanted that recipe. But instead of logging back in to get it. I googled the recipe and found it that way. I mean really,
there are so many people I have on there that truly bring me down. It is as bad as watching the news and listening to the liberals
saying the crazy things they are saying. I will not miss it. I won't. I will have my privacy again. I feel safer. I am private. It needs
to stay that way.

It will.