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2017-01-25 02:10:01 (UTC)

Monday Blues

It is raining again. Still unusually warm for this time of year. I am just sick and tired of feeling like crap and dealing with whatever is
happening to me. I am still taking the hormonal replacement medication and I will give it the two month chance like she suggested.
But I woke up again this morning soak and wet from my head to my feet. MY hair was drenched. I got up took a shower, put on clean
gown and started the coffee. I went into the office area to attempt to do some things I need to do.

It took till mid afternoon to get my contacts ordered. But they are finally ordered. I had to call the doctors office twice, went to
1800 upload new prescription. Then had to chat to find out how to do all that and order. It took two times to get
it right, they called my doctor a couple times and me a couple times, but finally got that handled. Took all morning.

In the mean time I was also trying to get registered to take a class the boss is already registered to take. It is at the Charlotte
are commercial board of realtors. Apparently if you are not a member, you have a problem creating a user name and password
to get into the system. I tried a couple times and finally got to that part and it said to do that I would have to call for assistance.
Called twice. No one there today to help with that. Must be nice to never have to show up for your job. I will try again in the
morning. I may have to "join" that organization to take the class. If that is the case, I think I will tell him to go ahead and take
his there and I will sign up to take it somewhere else. He wanted me to use his card to pay for it. I am not going to do all that.
We belong and pay too much for memberships, fees and all that already. I do not intend to get sucked into it.

I will be looking for a class to take online before that one...or before I take the class I end up taking.

My right lung or area under the right breast still hurts like hell still. I really do not know if it is a pulled muscle or if I ran into the
corner of something. I do that sometimes. But I just do not remember. So, since it takes so long for me to heal from those incidents,
I am giving it some more time. Still not sure about the doctor I will be going too. I have been talking about changing doctors.
I need to finalize that decision before making an appointment for this if I have too. Hopefully it will heal.

So, today on facebook....oh my God. I am beginning to believe that most of the USA has gone insane. I can not take it
any longer, so when I logged on this afternoon and saw one of my old friends from high school who posted that he is
leaving facebook for a while as he needs a break from the crazy shit. I went straight to my page and deactivated my
account as soon as I could. I get so upset seeing those things on there. It is very disturbing.

So, taking a break. It is an addiction. Let's see how long that will last.