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2017-01-24 19:40:44 (UTC)

Long day

Hi there!

It has been a long day so far... I am recovering from the pain I had in my forearm. I slept on it and now it is a bit painful. I am glad that it is better than it was before. Although, I was feeling a bit in pain I managed to do my housework. Well, light housework. I still need to vacuum the floor and to clean the shower box floor. But I will do it on Thursday because tomorrow we are going to the supermarket again. Wow... At least, I get out of the house.

It is still hot... I swear I wouldn't mind a little bit of rain, maybe for a week or so... Here in Brazil, summer always means hot weather and I am sick of it. It all gets worse because of mosquitoes and bugs that arrive with the season. Anyway, I survive...

Well, my daughter and I always dispute the TV. I got bored with it and came here for a moment. But being honest, I don't have a lot of news. I have spoken to my husband and he is doing all right. Soon, we will be together again.

So, until then good energy to all of us.